(In situ instalation)

March 2018
Dimitra Danika Salon, Spefsippou 46, Kolonaki, Athens.

Drawing from a nebula of images (personal photos, archival material, old postcards and clippings from newspapers and magazines), Marina Velisioti creates “environment portraits” by intervening directly on her material. Distant landscapes, deserted or forgotten, are transformed into otherworldly, unreal universes permeated by a feeling of unbridled freedom.

Through a process of repetitive gesture (the loom), threads cross each other like bearers of generations, concepts and narratives; in their movement they unsettle the conventional notion of our relationship with identity, place and time. Like memories from the future, or somewhere in between dream and reality, Velisioti’s installation walks on “the edge of the landscape” creating a two-faced condition where the irrational replaces the real, thus making every kind of meaning even more fluid.