Marina Velisioti born in Thessaloniki, Greece . Studied at the Department of Applied Arts at the School of Fine
Arts in Thessaloniki. After the graduation she attended a Fulbright Foundation seminar run by Glenn Lowry,
director of MOMA, with subject < of art today
During her university studies she attended courses and seminars of scenography . Amongst her interests are video
art applications and music themes of psychology,psychoacoustics and documentary. After MFA she studied in
SEN-Heritage Looms, an association founded in the end of the 19th century in Athens with the purpose to edu
cate young women. A scholar of U.F.O's, monsters, sci-fi culture. In the last section of her works, Marina Velisioti
has been producing a series of collages, tapestries, sculptures developing narratives inspired by ancient buildings,
deserted or forgotten landscapes,motifs symbols, over which I collide with the most prominent technique, turning
them into astonishing, unrealistic universes, often with a playful mood. She is the founder and editor of the art zine Bebabebo till 2013.

Grants and Awards

2022 Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship by ARTWORKS

Selected Exhibitions

2023 Outraged by pleasure, Nobel Building, Athens
2023 Turkish Textile Biennial, Izmir
2023 Selasforos, Anoihta Pania, Chania, Crete
2022 Sheltered Gardens, A Commision by PCAI Polygreen, Diomedes Votanical Garden, Athens
2021 Thessaloniki Film Festival, The Rules of The Game, Thessaloniki Harbor
2021 Head2Head, A project by A-dash, Athens and Kling&bang, Reykjavik
2020 Cra(u)sh or How to make me kiss the Pavement, Group show, Grace, Athens
2019 ΗΛΕΚΡΙΣ / How to think like a mountain, Samothraki, Greece
2018 Matter Over Matter, Goethe Institut, Sofia, Bulgaria
2018 Suddenly There's A Valley, In situ Instalation, Dimitra Danika hairsaloon, Athens
2017 Landscape Revisited, group exhibition, Elika Gallery, Athens
2014 Nature Immortelle, Solo Show, Romantso, Athens


Αthens Voice, May 2017, Athens
Platform Platvorm Magazine, issue 2, 2015, Netherland
Soul magazine Issue 81 , August 2014, Greece
Funzine Stukah issue 14 , May 2013, Netherland
fuctART mag. issue 10, May 2011, Greece

︎ mail : marinavelisioti@gmail.com
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