Marina Velisioti born in Thessaloniki, Greece 1982. Studied at the Department of Applied Arts at the School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki. Based in Athens.
During her university studies she attended courses and seminars of scenography . Amongst her interests are video art applications and music themes of psychology,psychoacoustics and documentary. Has also attended course in
technical analogue and digital photo printing, engraving and sculpture. A scholar of U.F.O's, monsters, sci-fi culture.
In the last section of her works, Marina Velisioti has been producing a series of collage and tapestries developing narratives inspired by deserted or forgotten landscapes, over which I collide with the most prominent technique, turning them into astonishing, unrealistic universes, often with a playful mood.
She is the founder and editor of the art zine Bebabebo till 2013.