A scholar of U.F.O's, monsters, sci-fi culture.
Marina Velisioti born in Thessaloniki, Greece 1982. Studied at the Department of Applied Arts at the School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki.
During her university studies she attended courses and seminars of scenography . Amongst her interests are video art applications and music themes of psychology,
psychoacoustics and documentary. Has also attended course in technical analogue and digital photo printing, engraving and sculpture.

In the last section of her works, she is concerned about disturbing of an original image, and either processing it analogically or digitally, or reproducing it in a completely different medium.
The object is often the natural landscape and its structural elements (mountains, lakes, horizon, etc.). These are mostly remote, deserted or forgotten landscapes, over which I collide with the most prominent technique, turning them into astonishing, unrealistic universes, often with a playful mood.
More recently, the last section of her work is a series of handwoven tapestries.

She is the founder and editor of the art zine Bebabebo.

Side Projects
2018:ELIKA GALLERY, INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER, March 2018 #marinavelisioti #elikagalleryprojects

- Suddenly there's a Valley, in Situ instalation, Dimitra's Danika salon, Spefsippoy 46, Kolonaki
Curated by Xenia Kalpaktsoglou

Solo Exhibitions
2014: Nature Immortelle, Romantso, Athens

Group Exhibitions

2021 : - Gender Melancholia , The project gallery, Athens
- Fantasy Island, An installation in collaboration with Ios elementary school, Ios festival, Ios Island
- Hot Show, Bebabebo zine Launch, Issue no 9, Athens
- I can see your house from here, Haus n Athen 2, Athens

2020 : - Pai o Palios o Chronos, Online event @ Radio Mpoukouras
- Bougada Art Project, Athens
- Please Please Me, Symptoms Project, Amfissa
- Blow me up / Velvet Bus 2020, Ios island

2019 : - Extinction // New Year's Resolution, Stoa 42, Athens
- track-and-field project, Backspace studio, Athens
- The manual of the perfect traveler, Snehta residency, Athens
- Art Barter Athens
- Nomades -13- , group exhibition on velvet bus tour (Corfu, Paxoi, Leukada, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Athens)
- ΗΛΕΚΤΡΙΣ /How to think like a mountain
Samothrace, July 2019
Curated by Dimitra Tsiaouskoglou
supported by the NEON
- ''Τα δημώδη'' μουσείο Χατζημιχάλη, Πλάκα

2018: -Matter Over Matter, Goethe Institute, Sofia Bulgaria
- Ta Dimodi,'' The Symptom Projects'', Amfissa. Greece

2017: - Bebabebo zine 3rd exhibition ''Paranoia Paradise''
- Transcending Time, Connectiva team. Supported by the NEON Cultural and Development Organization and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
- Landscape Revisited, Elika Gallery, Athens

2016: -D7 // capital:default, Piree, Piraeus
-K2016, Circuits and Curents, Athens
-AMEN, Bebabebo zine 2nd exhibition, Aiolou 94, Athens
-Athens performance Biennale

2015: -Levels of Decay, Artwall, Athens
-Bebabebo 1st exhibition, Aiolou 94, Athens
-Body Mass, New Bonn(e) Gallery, Philadelphia, United States
-Imago Mundi. The Greek Collection. Luciano Benetton Collection

2014: -Surreal Collage Exhibition No. 2, Online exhibition
-Art and Madness, Melina Institute, Athens
-1st International MAIL-ART Exhibition, Borders Strasbourg/France
-Lost And Found Back to Athens, Hotel Pindaros, Athens
-Homo Universalis, Remap 4

2012: -Need for change, Hoxton, Athens
-Back to Athens, Democracy, Truth or Dare, Hotel Pindaros, Athens

2011: ¨surprise 3¨, Technopoli, Athens

2010: -Give me a sign, Artville Gallery, Athens
-Small is Smart, Art tower, Athens
-Action Field Kodra10, Thessaloniki
-Orfeos 20 Art Gallery, Xanthe

2009: Gallery Romanou 7, Thessaloniki
-Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki

Museum Exhibitions
Macedonian museum of modern art, 2009

2020: - Blow me up / Velvet Bus 2020, Group exhibition with Vassiliki-Maria Plavou, Ios island
2019 : Nomades -13- ,group exhibition on velvet bus tour (Corfu, Paxoi, Leukada, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Athens)
2017: ''Paranoia Paradise'' , kasseta rec, Sofokleous str. Athens
2016 : AMEN, Aiolou 94, Athens
2015: Bebabebo zine 1st exhibition, Aiolou 94 Athens

Collaboration- Participation
2017: XOANON. A short artistic film by Twin Automat.
2016: The See channel. Yorgia Karidi's artistic athens youtube channel with original music and more.

Publications & Reviews
-Platform Platvorm Magazine, Issue 2, 2015, Netherlands
-Imago Mundi. The Greek Collection. Luciano Benetton Collection.
-Soul Magazine, Issue 81, September 2014, Greece
-Bebabebo zine, Issue 01, August 2013, Greece
-Stukah Magazine , Issue 14 , May 2013, Netherlands
-FuctART Magazine , Issue 10, May 2011

email: marinavelisioti@gmail.com
tel: +30 6932730926
facebook: www.facebook.com/castrata